What does a Career Navigator do?

Every student accepted into the Career Expressway has a unique set of challenges that they must overcome to get their degree and enter the professional workforce. For all, there is a financial barrier. For others, they may be juggling the responsibilities of being a parent, or they may have a language barrier, or they may have been out of school a long time and will need extra academic support. To help students face their challenges, each works with an assigned Career Navigator.

Similar to school counselors and college advisors, Career Navigators guide students through their academic program. They meet regularly with students, checking in by appointment, phone, and email. They arrange for the student to get textbooks and other support materials so that they’re ready for class. They provide resources to help with any sort of school issue or academic struggle. Beyond that, our Career Navigators talk with students about outside or personal struggles that can affect a student’s progress towards graduation. That’s why a Career Navigator’s role in the Career Expressway program is so important. When a student lets their Navigator know about a personal issue that could affect their academic goals, the Navigator searches for ways to help that student. By providing extra support that wraps around the entire person, not just the student, they are able to help a student overcome obstacles that could prevent that student from getting their degree.

Career Navigators have helped so many of our students keep up with their classes and push through to graduation. Even when a student must step away from college due to personal reasons, Navigators stay the course and encourage individuals to come back to finish their degree. With this type of support, we’ve had tremendous success in helping individuals achieve their academic dreams.

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