College Prep Academy Program
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Overcoming Common Challenges

As an adult, taking on a college education can be challenging and intimidating. You may think that college isn’t for you because you don’t have the grades, money, or the support you need to be successful. The College Prep Academy is a step in the right direction to help you overcome these challenges and prepare you with confidence to move forward.

How does The College Prep Academy help you?

At the College Prep Academy students attend classes five days a week in order to fully prepare them to return to school. Classes focus on improving math, reading, and writing skills and with the support of Career Navigators, you will also learn valuable skills to help you study, take notes, overcome test anxiety, and manage your time.

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Who needs College Prep?

The College Prep Academy is for adults who need to bring up their math, reading, and writing skills to a college level and pass the TSI.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a college readiness test. Although the TSI can feel like a barrier to college, the real purpose of the test is to make sure students who need extra academic help, get it before they jump into college courses.

We’ve helped hundreds of students get ready for
and pass the TSI!

How does College Prep work and what should you expect?

Capital IDEA will cover your College Prep tuition, books, and help with childcare. If a financial emergency arises, come to us. We can find resources to help with those, too.

After College Prep, you’ll continue on as a Capital IDEA student with your college tuition, books, and fees all paid for.

Why is this program free?

Please note, in order to go through The College Prep Academy you must meet a minimum fifth grade reading and math level.

Classes last for

12 weeks / Mon. - Fri

Classes focus on

math, reading, and writing.


Classes are at

Austin Community College Highland Campus.

New classes start each semester:

Spring, Summer, & Fall.