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Alyssia Palacios-Woods Executive Director

Eva Rios-Lleverino Deputy Executive Director

Laly Ruiz Office Manager

Marvin Leonard IT Manager

Amy Silvey Director of Development and Communications

Angela MorrillGrants Manager


Liz Ramon Communications Manager

Iris Zamarripa Digital Content Creator

Larry Cummings Intake/Placement Manager

Ron Modesty Senior Employer Coordinator

Sarah Curtis Career Guidance Specialist

Janie Mendoza Career Guidance Specialist

Cecile Fandos Community Outreach Coordinator

Vincent Tovar Community Outreach Coordinator

Gloria Rocha Eligibility Specialist

Emma Mondragon Document Collection Specialist Specialist

William Askew Program Manager

Sara Hernandez Project Navigator

Robert Alvarez Career Navigator

Lori Brewster Career Navigator

Tonia GoodenCareer Navigator

Pedro Neria Career Navigator

Ane Nguyen Career Navigator

Lia Paschal Career Navigator

Miguel Valdez Career Navigator

Rosemary Cavazos Program Specialist

Kisha Smith Director of Finance

Blanca Vazquez Accounting Associate