Support Services

About Career Navigators

Frequently Asked Questions About Career Navigators Career navigators are a key part of the wraparound support offered to all Capital IDEA students in our Career Expressway program. Their number one priority is to help you succeed in college. Who will my career navigator be? As soon as you’re accepted into the Career Expressway program, you’ll […]

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About Childcare Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions About Childcare Assistance Parents who want to earn a degree and move into a great career need extra help to make that happen. For that reason, Capital IDEA has a dedicated team member to help students access or set up childcare assistance. Below are answers to questions parents frequently have about the […]

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About Career Placement

Frequently Asked Questions About Career Placement Services Graduation is an important milestone, but it’s not the finish line for Career Expressway students. We provide career placement services to help you transition from student to professional. We’re with you from start to HIRED! Who provides career placement services? Our Senior Employer Coordinator is Ron Modesty. Ron […]

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