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Capital IDEA is excited to offer the innovative programs below to help income-eligible Central Texas adults, like you, earn a degree and move up in a great career!

There is a surplus of career opportunities in fields like healthcare, information technology (IT), and other growing industries. But how do you get into those careers? Where do you start?

The Career Expressway is your guided route. Enter wherever you’re at, earn the skills you’ll need, and arrive at your future career.

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Careers on the Expressway


The College Prep Academy

As an adult, taking on a college education can be challenging and intimidating.

You may think that college isn’t for you because you don’t have the grades, money, or the support you need to be successful. The College Prep Academy is a step in the right direction to help you overcome these challenges and prepare you with confidence to move forward.

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Union Partner Programs

We partner with several local unions to help you succeed.

We know that by offering a little extra financial support now, we will set you up for a bright future tomorrow, and that’s what we’re all about.

If you’re considering applying to a union apprenticeship or have already been accepted into one, Capital IDEA might be the extra support you need!

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