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Why should you share? Capital IDEA provides a free college education to over 800 income-eligible Central Texas residents each year. In addition to tuition, books, and student fees, our Career Expressway program includes childcare assistance for students and job placement services for graduates. It’s an exciting opportunity for a better, brighter future for your clients, family, friends, and community.

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How to refer your students or clients to Capital IDEA:

Organizations and Companies

Capital IDEA aims to build long-lasting relationships with organizations
and companies that support our mission. You can refer your clients, employees,
students, or community groups in the following ways:


If you have a group of five or more, we can come to you!

Contact us to host an information session at your site or to set up a group chat online for your clients.

Contact our Outreach Coordinator at 512.485.9337 or email

Sign up to become a flyer distribution site.

We can deliver new flyers to your site each semester for you to have on hand for clients.

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Publish our information.

We gladly contribute articles or content for newsletters, resource guides, bulletins, or circulars. Request a write up from us either one time or monthly.

Contact: Liz Ramon at 512.485.9341 or email her at

If you’re not sure which option is right for you, or have an idea of how we
can connect our efforts with your community please contact us:

512.485.9337 or
How to refer your

Families and Friends from Your Community


Gather a group and we'll come to you!

Large Group Sessions: If you know five or more people who are interested in Capital IDEA. We can help you coordinate and host an information session in your home or community center.

Contact us at to set up your information session.

Para más información, contáctenos al 512.457.8610 ó envíenos un correo electrónico a: ¡Hablamos español!

Share with an Individual

Do you know someone who would be a great candidate for Capital IDEA?
Help them connect with us in the following ways:


Invite them to a CareerUp.

Pick a Date & Share!

Visit our CareerUp page. Click on an upcoming date. Use the share options at the top of the page to invite your friends or family through Facebook, Twitter, Email, or WhatsApp.

Visit: CareerUps »


Send them an email.

Forward our CareerUp introduction email to a family member or friend.


Like and share our Facebook page and events with your family and friends: