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Here in Central Texas, there are amazing career opportunities in fields like healthcare, information technology (IT), skilled trades, and advanced manufacturing. These fields offer great salaries and benefits. Plus, employers are eager to hire more trained professionals. But how do you get into these careers? Where do you start? The Career Expressway is your guided route. We’ll take you from where you are now, support you in a college degree or certificate program, and connect you with your future employer. We’re with you the whole way — from start to hired!

Why should you earn your degree through the Career Expressway? When you’re a Career Expressway student, your associate degree is FREE to you because your education has already been paid for by our funders and donors who are investing in the future of the Central Texas workforce! (FAQ: Why is this program free?) Plus, you can feel confident that you are getting a high-quality education. Both of our education partners are highly respected and SACSCOC accredited: Austin Community College and Temple College.

Your Support on the Expressway



FREE college. As a Career Expressway student, your tuition bill (from ACC or Temple college) comes to us, and we pay it on your behalf.



We provide you with book vouchers that cover the cost of your textbooks.



We have partners that offer childcare assistance to cover a substantial portion of your childcare costs.



If needed, we'll help you get college ready with our highly-successful College Prep program. You'll get lots of one-on-one support to build your reading, writing, and math skills.



Your Career Navigator will support and guide you through your college journey. Their number one priority is to help you succeed in college.



Upon graduation, we'll continue to guide you through your job search to ensure you successfully transition from college to career. We're with you from start to HIRED!


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Careers on the Expressway


TECH is the future!

If you love solving problems and helping people do their best work, consider a future in IT. You can start with an associate degree and a few certifications. As you keep gaining new skills, you'll find bigger and bigger opportunities in your future.

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HEALTHCARE is for heroes!

No matter where you go, healthcare professionals are always in high demand. This is a rewarding career field for individuals who enjoy caring for their community, and you can take your skills with you anywhere your future takes you.

See careers in Healthcare

CURIOSITY, tools, and skills!

Some of the best opportunities available through the Career Expressway are in applied technology. If you're the kind of person who tackles a job with tools, gadgets, and good planning, consider one of these occupations. You'll find lots of great opportunities with big or small companies, or you might just start your own business someday.

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We’re able to offer you a FREE college education through our Career Expressway program because of our close partnerships with Austin Community College and Temple College. The degrees and certificates offered at our partner colleges are highly respected by employers and lead to careers with excellent pay and growth opportunities.

Why is this program free?


Who Should Apply?

We’re here to help you reach your career goals. The Career Expressway is for individuals who: