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Class of 2019 seniors can start applying March 25, 2019.

Getting your high school senior on the right path after graduation can be easy with Capital IDEA and Austin Community College. The right guidance, support, and encouragement can make a significant difference for students when transitioning into college. This is why Capital IDEA has made it a priority to provide these services to our graduating youth. By earning a degree, your young adult is headed towards a future with higher salaries, opportunities for advancements, and the ability to support themselves.

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The Program Benefits

Capital IDEA offers financial assistance to qualified students in the following ways:

Programs for high school seniors getting ready for college

ACC is paid directly to cover tuition.

Programs for high school seniors getting ready for college

Book vouchers are provided to cover the cost of textbooks.

Programs for high school seniors getting ready for college

Childcare assistance covers a substantial portion of childcare costs

Specific Benefits for High School Seniors

High school seniors who apply to a Capital IDEA program will also receive:


Extra flexibility in the application process


Additional guidance in making their career choice


One-on-one support on paperwork completion

Qualifying High School Seniors

Our mission is to provide graduating seniors a seamless transition directly into community college and ultimately into a successful career. To do that, we’ve partnered with Central Texas high schools to offer seniors the opportunity to apply for early acceptance into a Capital IDEA.

To apply as a high school senior:

  • Students must be from an Austin Independent School District (AISD), Del Valle ISD, Manor ISD or charter school.
  • Students may start applying to Capital IDEA in their last semester of high school.
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If the student is not yet 18 years of age, Capital IDEA will process their application but postpone acceptance until the student turns 18.

Note: High School graduates who have been out of school for more than a year will be considered as regular applicants: Visit Qualifications for more information
  • Students must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • Students must commit to going to community college full–time.
  • Students must qualify as low-income. (use chart below as a guide)
Household Size Monthly Household Income* Annual Household Income*
1 $2,147 $25,760
2 $2,903 $34,840
3 $3,660 $43,920
4 $4,417 $53,000
5 $5,173 $62,080
6 $5,930 $71,160
7 $6,687 $80,240
8 $7,443 $89,320

Federal Poverty Guidelines (200%), last updated: 2.2.21

*Households of more than 8, add $757 per month for each additional person.

Dedication and committment

In addition to these qualifications, we’re also seeking applicants who will be dedicated to completing one of our programs and who will be committed to giving back to their community, upon graduating with a degree.

If you have any questions on meeting these qualifications call: 512.457.8610. or send your questions to, se habla español.

Degree Programs that Offer Growth

Our partnership with Austin Community College, Temple College and varied Unions have made it possible for students to pursue college-level certificates or associate degrees in careers that offer growth and stability without having to worry about the cost of tuition or textbooks. Why is this program free?

Our programs offer various paths in:

Career Expressway
Healthcare careers
Tech and Trades careers

High School Campus Contacts

Below are advisors at local high school campuses who can provide students with more information about Capital IDEA and other options for getting into college. To request to be added to this contact list, email us at

Akins High School

Annette Gutierrez, Project Advance Coordinator

Crockett High School

Michelle Snyder, College and Career Counselor

Lanier High School

Lauren Discher, Project Advance Facilitator

Del Valle High School

Jackie Magness, College and Career Counselor

Travis High School

Alex Duran, Project Advance Facilitator

Reagan High School

Celina Lopez, College and Career Counselor