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We’re Proud to Work with Many Partners

Our education partners provide the best settings for long-term training in high-wage, high-demand occupations.

Public partners invest in meaningful impact by supporting community-based workforce programs like ours.

Community partners are part of local, regional, statewide, and national networks that connect education and workforce development to the best possible outcomes for the individuals and families we serve.

Funding partners sustain our core services and make growth possible with their
commitment to our mission.

Employing a Graduate companies include those that go beyond hiring a graduate.
These employers work with Capital IDEA to develop cutting edge occupations, predict labor markets, and provide needed services in the region.

Similarly, “Employing an Intern” companies are exploring new models of service
delivery that create a space for our non-traditional students to experience new workplaces while they learn.

See our Our growing list of partners below

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Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: Austin Community College District

By Jeff Sanchez | JANUARY 11, 2023 Partnerships are crucial to Capital IDEA's success. From donors to employers to education providers, our success and the success of our students depends on the quality of our partnerships. One key partnership that has been in place since Capital IDEA’s founding is with Central Texas’s largest education and […] Read More

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Austin Community College supports Capital IDEA's mission by providing office space and staff support.

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