Qualify to Go Further

Our goal is to provide support to individuals who need financial assistance and guidance to complete their educational journey and enter a great career.

In order to be accepted into a Capital IDEA program
please confirm that you:

  • Are committed to going to school full–time
  • Are 18 years or older (no maximum age limit)
  • Have a GED or High School diploma

High school seniors can apply in their last semester.

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  • Meet the required basic math and reading skills and test at or above
    a fifth-grade reading and math level
  • Have not completed a college degree (associate Degree or higher)
  • Are a resident of a city or county we are recruiting from (to apply, look for a CareerUp in your county)

  • Qualify for in-state tuition (you’ve lived in Texas for the last twelve months)
  • Are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Qualify as low-income (see chart)

Calculate Your Monthly Income

Household Size Monthly Household Income*
1 $2,023
2 $2,743
3 $3,463
4 $4,183
5 $4,903
6 $5,623
7 $6,343
8 $7,063

To be income-eligible, your household income should be less than the amount shown in the chart above.

Federal Poverty Guidelines (200%). Updated annually. Last updated: 1.29.2018

*Households with more than 8 people add $720 per month or $8,640 per year for each additional person


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Capital IDEA’s Career Expressway program covers tuition for English Level 3 and 4 at Austin Community College. If you're ready for Level 3 or above, you can start now: Apply Now 

If you need Basic English, Level 1, or Level 2 English, complete those classes at Austin Community College and apply to Capital IDEA when you’re ready for Level 3. ESOL Academic Program at ACC 

How do I know what level I'm at?

Take the ESOL assessment and keep your receipt. Capital IDEA will reimburse you for the testing fee at Step 4 of the applicaiton process.
ESOL Assessment Steps at ACC 


Dedication and Commitment

In addition to these qualifications, we’re also seeking applicants who will be dedicated to complete one of our programs and who will be committed to give back to their community, upon graduating.

If you have any questions on meeting the qualifications call: 512.457.8610 or send your questions to