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Technicians in biotechnology assist in research including the collection of information and samples such as blood, water, soil, plants, or animals. They may work in various fields of science and engineering such as agriculture, environmental science, resource management, biology, or health sciences. Their daily activities will include preparing samples and specimens, setting up and monitoring experiments, cleaning and maintaining lab supplies and work areas. Their efforts contribute to the growing knowledge in these fields by keeping detailed logs of work and activities and writing reports and summaries of their findings.

Career Details

Degree Type: Associate Degree

Field: Science, Engineering & Math

County: Travis and Williamson

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Biotechnology (ACC)

Career Badges

Career Driven Skills Needed:


Highly organized, critical thinker, attentive, critical observer, values learning, trained in biology, biochemistry, biochemical assays, molecular biology, and cell biology

Salary Trends:


Average salary for experienced professionals is $39-52K, entry-level pay starts around $15 an hour