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Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical lab technicians work in science laboratories and use special equipment to run tests. Their job starts when they receive samples of body fluids or tissues from a doctor. The medical lab tech must study and prepare the sample for testing. The results of the tests go back to the doctor to help with diagnosing the patient. Day to day, a medical lab tech may repeat the same tests multiple times. So, paying attention, staying organized, and keeping on task are critical skills for this profession. To keep moving up in this career, you’ll need to keep learning. There are several areas to specialize in, and as medical science advances, the opportunities keep growing.

Career Details

Degree Type: Associate Degree

Field: Health Science

County: Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell

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Medical Laboratory Tech (ACC)

Career Badges

Career Driven Skills Needed:

Health Driven Skills

Highly organized, detail oriented, strong work ethic, attentive, takes direction, trained in medical laboratory procedures, phlebotomy, quality management

Salary Trends:

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Average salary for experienced professionals is $57K, entry-level pay starts around $14-15 an hour