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Power Technology

A power technician monitors power generating equipment such as boilers, turbines, generators, or reactors, using control boards. They start and stop generators, as needed, to control power output. They perform maintenance on auxiliary equipment such as pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, feedwater heaters, and filters. They open and close valves and switches in sequence to start or shut down auxiliary units, and they regulate equipment operations and conditions, such as water levels, based on instrument data or from computers.

Career Details

Degree Type: Associate Degree

Field: Applied Technology

County: Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell

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Power Technology (ACC)
Visit Link: Electronics and Advanced Technology (ACC)

Career Badges

Career Driven Skills Needed:

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Critical thinker, problem solver, trainable, independent, trained in circuit switches, boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, and pumps

Salary Trends:

Salary Trends

Average salary for experienced professionals is $60K, entry-level pay starts around $18 an hour