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Surgical Technician

Surgical technicians play a critical role in the operating room by keeping the patient safe and instruments accounted for. Surgical techs will often start by sterilizing instruments and setting up the operating room. They will then prepare the patient and assist the anesthesiologist. During the surgery, they will closely monitor vital signs and keep count of all instruments, needles, and swabs used for the procedure. Their count ensures that all items are extracted before the surgery is concluded. They will follow up by applying proper post-surgery dressings and bandages before the patient is sent to recovery.

Career Details

Degree Type: Associate Degree

Field: Health Science

County: Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell

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Surgical Technology (ACC)
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Career Badges

Career Driven Skills Needed:

Health Driven Skills

Critical observer, attention to detail, highly organized, self-monitoring, good communicator, trained in surgical procedures, basic life support, and operating theater

Salary Trends:

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Average salary for experienced professionals is $46K, entry-level pay starts around $16 an hour