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Outreach Team


Austin Public Library Windsor Park Branch
Austin Public Library Windsor Park Branch
5833 Westminster Dr., Austin, TX 78723

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Apr 02 2024


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

CareerUp @Windsor Park Library

Join us at Austin Public Library Windsor Park Branch for a CareerUp info session. Our presentation will take about 35 minutes, followed by questions. We’ll introduce you to our Career Expressway program. As a nonprofit with a mission to get our Central Texas neighbors into great careers, we don’t just help you with college and childcare. We also help you find your first job in your new career. We have employer partners all across Central Texas ready to hire you as soon as you graduate. We’re with you from start to — HIRED!

Here’s what our presentation covers:

  • We’ll go over all the support we offer, from tuition to textbooks and more! We’ll give you the full overview of the Guidance and Support you can expect to receive as a Career Expressway student.
  • We’ll talk about the careers on our Sponsored List. We’re only supporting careers that meet our criteria. They must offer a living wage, and there must be plenty of local job opportunities.
  • We’ll discuss eligibility and answer any questions you have about Qualifications or anything else!

We look forward to meeting you!