CareerUp: Hays County

Event: Get to know Capital IDEA, a non-profit offering free financial aid for your education. We can help you earn the right community college degree or certifications to get you started in a great career—free to you.

Date: Thu., 05/03/18
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Please join us 5 minutes early

About CareerUp Hays County: Capital IDEA has special funding available for individuals in Hays County who want to earn an associate’s degree in nursing at Austin Community College. During this one-hour information session, you’ll learn more about our program and the specific support Capital IDEA can offer to help you move ahead in a nursing career. You’ll also get instructions on how to apply.

Planning your future: Applicants attending this CareerUp will most likely start classes in either the summer or fall semester of 2018.

Who should attend: We encourage everyone to come and learn more about our programs. We’re especially excited to meet individuals who are
1. Committed to getting their degree,    2. Interested in a nursing career    3. Qualified for our program.

If you know someone who would be a great fit for Capital IDEA: Refer a Friend!

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FAQ: Why is this program free?

As a nonprofit with a mission to get our Central Texas neighbors into great careers, we raise money for your education. Each year we raise nearly $5 million, enough to fund our program and cover the tuition and textbooks for over 800 adults, like you. And then we send you to college to get a degree in a high-demand career field. If you’re eligible for our program, your tuition and textbooks are already paid for by the generous support of our funders, including our three largest investors: the City of Austin, Travis County, and St. David’s Foundation. If you could make good use of a free college education Sign Up.

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