How do I show proof of where I live (residency)?

Provide one of the following: lease, mortgage, or utility bill. As long as your (or your spouse’s) name is on the document, any one of these will count as your proof of residency. You will be providing these anyway to document your living expenses.

What if my name is not on the lease, mortgage, or utility bills?

— If you are being supported by someone (like parents or relatives, and have no job), ask the person supporting you to fill out the Financial Support Form (PDF) and provide one utility bill showing his/her name. This will count as your documentation for residency and living expenses.

— If you are renting or sharing expenses with someone (or living with parents but have a job), you will need to provide ALL three items: 1. A verification letter from the person you are living with (see below), 2. One proof document: a utility bill or copy of lease/mortgage, 3. A piece of (any) mail with your name on it showing the home address. These items count toward documenting your living expenses as well.
Instructions for Letter: The name on the letter must match the name on the proof document (utility bill or lease). The letter can be as simple as: (Name of applicant) lives with me at this address (give address). He/she contributes $____ monthly to household expenses. Full name, signature, address, and phone number.