How do I show proof of where I live (residency)?

Provide two utility bills showing your name and address. This will count as your proof of residency. If you are already providing utility bills as proof of your expenses, those bills will count as your proof of residence as well.

What if the bills are not in my name? You will still provide the bills along with a short letter from the person named on the bills (skip if the person is your spouse). Ask him/her to state on the letter that you live with them at the address shown on the bill. They should also state the amount of rent or other living expenses you are responsible for each month. Ask them to sign and date the letter.

What if I don’t pay for any expenses? (I am fully supported by a parent, relative, etc.) Instead of a letter, have the person supporting you fill out a Financial Support Form (PDF). This form, plus the two utility bills, will count as your proof of residency as well as your proof of income and expenses.

Note: If you don’t have a printer, you can ask for a copy of the support form when you come into the office for your application steps.