What if I already have a degree? (USA or other country)

Capital IDEA does not sponsor adults who have already earned a college degree. In the case that you can prove your degree is not valid for employment, Capital IDEA can consider your application and, in some cases, make an exception. Contact us before applying to find out if you might qualify for an exception.
If your degree is from a foreign country, you may have your credits reviewed to determine your credit equivalency. If the college evaluates your credits to be less than an Associate Degree, Capital IDEA may be able to help you get the remaining credits you need.
Transcript evaluation services are available at ACC Highland Business Center located at 5930 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, Texas 78702, 3rd floor.
To get a foreign degree translated to English, visit www.aatia.org. Complete this before taking your documents to ACC.
If you have additional questions, contact us at 512-457-8610 or outreach@capitalidea.org.