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Are You Feeling Stuck and Need a Better Job?

You’re not alone.

FREE College. NO Debt. If you’re ready for an opportunity that will change your work life, you’re in the right place! The Career Expressway by Capital IDEA is here to help you get a rewarding career with a great salary. As a nonprofit, our mission is to connect you with the best opportunities in Central Texas because helping you succeed means we all succeed.

We partner with local employers who are struggling to find enough skilled professionals to fill essential roles in healthcare, technology, and trades. These careers offer a living wage and benefits and are critical to the wellbeing of our community. Our goal is to support the training of a skilled workforce to meet the needs of Central Texas.

That’s where you come in! If you’re willing and ready to train for one of these essential occupations, we’ll pay for your education. If you qualify, Capital IDEA will pay for 100% of your tuition, textbooks, and more! Your college is FREE to you. You’ll have nothing to repay and zero debt because your future, and our future, is brighter without it.

BIG News!

Expanded Career List Hays and Bastrop County residents can now pick from more careers. Your options have more than doubled!

We’re Proud to Partner with These Community Colleges:

Austin Community College   


Student Testimonies

Brandon Lucas
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Beunca Roque
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Bryanna Cabrera
Future Network Administrator
Angelo Sanchez
Future Registered Nurse


Why is this program FREE?

As a nonprofit with a mission to get our Central Texas neighbors into great careers, we raise money for your education. Each year we raise enough money to fund our program and cover the tuition and textbooks for over 800 adults, like you. Then we send you to college to get a degree in a high-demand career field. If you’re eligible for our program, your tuition and textbooks are already paid for by the generous support of our funders, including our three biggest funders: City of Austin, Travis County, and St. David’s Foundation.

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